Seyboro Cyclists Bike Club

The purpose of our club is to increase the visibility and popularity of cycling in Goldsboro and the
surrounding area. We strive to give you a safe* and enjoyable group ride experience and invite you
to come out and join us. We have a great time, whether riding, socializing or both.

                                               * Please make sure you bring a helmet - safety first!

We like to brag that our club has survived and flourished over the years with no formal structure or
management and
though we are an informal club with no formal meetings or officers, we have joined with
USA Cycling to allow us to host races in the Goldsboro area. We now ask members to pay $25 per year to
help defray the cost of these races and to cover the administrative costs of running our club. The dues also
provide you a discount on cycling accessories at Bicycle World (see store associates for more info).
However if you choose not to pay these dues we still welcome you to come join us on group rides and enjoy
the fellowship.
You should have some basic cycling skills and experience before attempting one of our weekend or evening
rides.  The pace of our rides varies, but is normally between 16 and 20 mph.  The exception is our Tuesday
evening "Beginning Biker" ride, which is tailored to the abilities of the slowest rider. We have members and
former members living around the world, proudly wearing our jerseys.  We don't have a charter, collect
membership dues, hold monthly meetings, or do any of the other aggravating things that often go along with
club membership.

                                                          We just ride! Come on out and join us.