Seyboro Cyclists Bike Club

2018 DC was a success, SO

Start training now for the 2019 Double Century!

Ride will start at 6 AM sharp at Eastern Wayne High School.
Directions:  Go north on Highway 13 (Berkeley Blvd) from Goldsboro.  Approximately one mile north of Highway 70, go east
on New Hope Road about 3 miles.  High school will be on your left.  Turn just before the large blue and yellow sign.  Follow the
parking lot around to the back of the school near the ball fields.
Our course is designed so that we ride 4 different loops, all starting and ending at Eastern Wayne High School.  The first loop
is 65 miles, and each subsequent loop gets 10 miles shorter.  Plan on riding the entire 200 miles, or join us for one or more of
the different routes we'll be riding.  Estimated times of departure for each loop are:
65 mile loop, depart 6 AM
55 mile loop, depart 10:20 AM
45 mile loop, depart 2 PM
35 mile loop, depart 5:30 PM
Finish at about 8 PM
Rules of the ride:
1.  We will ride 4 loops of 65, 55, 45 and 35 miles.  We'll take a 15-20 minute break between each loop.  Showers will be
available at the high school if you wish to take advantage.  Bring your own food and drinks.
2.  18 mph pace, no faster, no slower.  If you aren't able to hold the pace, we'll do everything in our power to help you get back
to the school.  But we have a limited amount of daylight and won't be able to wait on you.  The physical inability or
mechanical misfortunes of one rider could jeopardize the chances for everyone else to complete the ride.
3..  Minor mechanical problems, such as flats, we will wait and assist.  Major mechanical problems, see # 2 above.
4.  Riders who choose to ride faster than 18 mph are welcomed to do so, but we won't go with you, and you won't have a map.
5.  The ride is not sagged.  Bring your own food and drink.  We'll stop halfway through each loop at a store.
6.  No pre-registration, no sign-ups.  No entry fee.  Just come out and ride with us.  This is a great ride, and if you've ever
wanted to do a double century, we believe we have hit on the secret of the best method to accomplish one.  Proper speed,
proper breaks, proper nutrition.  Lots of fun!

2018 Double Century was a success!!!

Whether they did all 4 loops or just 1, everyone
had a great time of fun and fellowship. Most
importantly they all survived to tell family and
friends of their insanity!!!