Seyboro Cyclists Bike Club

"Below are the profiles of some of our dues-paying members.  If your profile is not listed, but you would like it to be, feel
free to pay the measly membership dues of $25 per year which includes discounts at Bicycle World, (see store associate
for details) as well as other amenities not listed. Thanks to these and others who support our club financially!!"

Name:  Joe Ponzi
Profession:  Pediatrician
Bike(s): Yamaha ( It works for me)
Non-cycling activities: Family
Favorite Ride: One that I don't fall on and finish

Name: Wendy Hicks
Profession: English as a Second Language Teacher
Bike(s): Trek 1000
Non-cycling activities: Traveling, reading, swimming
Favorite Ride: anything easy-I'm still a beginner
Words to live by:  Find the good and applaud!

Name:  Chuck Hand
Profession:  Airline Pilot - Southwest Airlines
Bike/s:  Litespeed Vortex, Gunnar CrossHairs
Favorite ride:  The last one
Non-cycling activities:  Running & Snow Skiing
Words to live by:  Just Ride!!

Name: Rick Sessions
Profession: Pharmacist
Bike/s: Trek OCLV with Ultrega triple group and an old Specialized Hardrock
Favorite Ride: Most any club ride is my favorite.
Non-cycling activities: Reading, dining, swimming, music
Words to live by: "Treasure your health."

Name: Carol Sessions
Profession: Dietitian
Bike(s): Giant Kronos
Favorite ride: Any ride in cool weather
Non-cycling activities: Traveling, collecting teddy bears
Words to live by:  "Eat right!"

Name:  Benny Hood
Profession:  Art teacher with Wayne County Schools.
Bike: Giant Defy.
Non-cyling activities:  skiing, tennis, running, painting, pottery, racquetball, music, movies, and church activities.
Favorite Ride:  Anything but the Field Station route!!
Words to live by:  the "Golden Rule"

Name: Frank P. Drohan
Profession: Owner, Operator of GOECO [CanonCopiers,Fax,Printers]
Bike/s: Litespeed Ultimate
Favorite Ride: To Kenansville and Back in the summer time.
Non-CyclingActivities: Resting, eating and washing Cycling Clothes..
Words to ride by: "Make the wind your friend"   "Dave, do we turn here?"  "Im getting too OLD for this ...".

Name: Agatija Mccallister AKA "Agat"
Profession: RN
Bike(s): Trek 1000(my first road bike), S-Works Specialized Roubaix
Non-cycling activities: Enjoying life with the people I love, adventuring and exploring!
Favorite Ride: Anywhere and anytime on a bike brings me a smile.
Words to live by:" Enjoy each day to the fullest. Laugh, hug, kiss and smile daily!

Name: Mike Haney
Profession: Small Business Owner
Bike/s: Litespeed Ultimate, Trek Tandem, Soft-Ride
Favorite ride: Loop leaving Blowing Rock on Hwy 221 to Grandfather and Parkway back.
Non-cycling activities: Golf & Ski
Words to live by: "That which does not kill you - makes you stronger"

Name: Dave Galloway, "The President"
Profession: Retired
Bike/s:  Giant TCR, Cannondale CAAD 5, slightly bent Trek 2500
Favorite Ride:  Natchez Trace Tour de Fools, 2003
Non-cycling activities:  Motorcycling, spoiling the grandchildren
Words to live by:  Real men ride aluminum... or titanium... or carbon fiber

Name: Mike Fryt
Profession: CPA/Personal Financial Specialist
Bike(s): Trek Domane 5.2 / Cannondale Trigger 29 Carbon 2
Non-cycling activities: trail building/maintenance, golf
Favorite Ride: FATS single track North Augusta
Words to live by:

Name: Mike Richter
Profession: Desk Jockey and Cat Herder.
Bike(s):  Cervelo R3, 1980 Schwinn Super le tour
Non-cycling activities: Beaching and boating, most things outdoors.
Favorite Ride: The last one, and then the next one.
Words to live by: It never gets easier – you just get faster.

Name: Steve Desrochers, AKA: Steve 21
Profession: Professional wrench, ( life doesn't get much sweeter)
Bikes: Litespeed Classic, Custom Pigeon (the official bike of China ), Giant Tempo spin bike, Raleigh Technium mountain
bike, Cannondale single speed fixed gear track bike, Sun 7 speed tandem cruiser.
Favorite Ride: Boston, Mass to Provincetown Mass.  140 miles, 2 days. Starts in Downtown Boston, with all its hustle and
bustle,At the end of day one catch  some sleep under the Bourne bridge next to the Cape Cod Canal watching the boats go
by. Day 2 finish the ride at the tip of Cape Cod riding through bike paths cut into the sand dunes of Cape Cod National
Seashore. Getting back home is as easy as loading you and your bike on a large boat with a jazz band and lots of liquid
refreshments. This was my first bike ride 34 years ago and remains my favorite.
Non-Cycling Activity: Music, all kinds, lots of it and make it loud.
Gardening, trying to grow food makes you appreciate the supermarket.
Words to Live By: Stop whining and start pedaling!

Name: Adrain Mclawhorn
Profession: Juvenile Court Counselor
Bike: Specialized Roubrix Elite
Favorite Ride: Double Down 2 The Beach
No-cycling activities: Running
Words to live by: God Always First

Name:  Chuck Millard
Profession:  Production Supervisor/Southeastern Laboratories
Bike:  Trek Madone 3.1
Non-Cycling Activities:  Eating a Reuben in every State.
Favorite Ride:  My first Century Ride to the Beach with the Seyboros
Words to live by:  “Your life is made of two dates and a dash…make the most of the dash!”

Name: Tom Bradshaw
Profession: Healthcare Administration
Bike/s: Litespeed Vortex, Cannondale
Favorite ride: Blue Ridge Parkway
Non-cycling activities: Home, family, yard work
Words to live by:  Duty, Honor, Country

Name: Larry Barber
Profession: Materials Inventory Tech. (Semi-Retired and wanting to go pro at it)
Bike/s: Trek 8.5DS & Trek Domane 2.0
Favorite ride: Cotton Country Century 2015
Non-cycling activities: Fishing, spending time with family
Words to live by: There's always time for lubricant!!!